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16                                     XIFK OF
IN the second half of the year 1 789 terminated the
nniversity life of Alexander as well a« of bin brother,
in ^o far as it related to a higher oomprohtmsivo pre-
paration for their future offices. Bub neither of the
two brothers returned homes ; they obeyed a* HpoeHio
impulse of their individual nature, and eul.eivd at1.
once into their life and intellectual purwute, which
were henceforward to diverge, oven if in their ten-
dency they wore spiritually allied,
The breaking out of the French revolution affoetod
the elder., William, educated for political lifts, more
forcibly than Alexander, who calmly observed nature
in its immutable laws. When, thcyreforo, their firtt
tutor > Joachim Hoinrieh Oampe, who for HOMO yearn
had been canon and councillor in Brunswick, deter-
mined in Jtdy 1*78!) to rxm over to Paris, in ordor, aw
he expressed it, to be present at the funeral of French
despotism (a wish in which ho was bitterly dotxuvocl),
lie found, in addition to another young man, a com-
panion in William von Hinuboldfc, and arrived in
'Paris with him on the 3rd Angnst. 1) tiring that period
Alexander lived for natural science^ and bin mind
was directed to the extension of bin ktiowlodgo of ihti
earth, which made travelling bin d<san^t winh, mul,
this was fostered by his cotistant com^pondcmoo wllli
Forater. It was particularly the formation of the
earth which interested Alexander; ho {bit huuntdf
confirmed in his tendency by ti^o reputation of Worncsr,